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07 Aug


Whether you’re grilling, smoking, roasting, mixing, or just chatting while whipping up a snack on the patio, you can be sure that outdoor cooking has evolved. No longer are heavy, stone-clad, masonry structures your only stylistic options. Just as interior kitchens and dining areas have progressed from Old World, traditional styling to more sleek and contemporary spaces, the outdoor cooking environment has also expanded. Now you can select from an assortment of steel cabinetry, composite countertops and chic appliances that will stand up to the toughest weather conditions, and blend with your streamlined interior and architecture.

A cooking device is at the heart of your outdoor kitchen, and patio ovens are one of the ‘hottest’. This appliance is far more versatile than is original moniker of Pizza Oven. Fueled by wood, the Patio Oven by Hearthstone heats up to 750 degrees within 20 minutes and easily handles all manners of baking, braising and searing. A layer of ceramic fire insulation and multiple layers of fire bricks form the oven itself and a removable door helps regulate temperature. Either freestanding or perched atop a non-combustible countertop, this beauty is available in a mix of stainless steel and copper powder coating.  

Patio Pizza Oven

Another fun option new to the outdoor scene is social grilling, and this table by iBBQ – short for Interactive Barbecue – doesn’t disappoint. No longer is the chef relegated to one area while guests whoop it up in another. With a seating capacity of up to 8 people, the table includes a marine grade stainless steel body and frame, Tiger-wood surface and independently controlled burners so each guest can grill and dine together, at the same time.

Just like indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens can be minimal or expansive, depending on space and dollars available. Regardless of size, most outdoor cooking requires at least some staging or preparation area. Artisan Outdoor Kitchens will make sure that your kitchen is customized, well-designed, durable and stunning to look at.


27 Apr


  1. Dream
    In your wildest imagination, envision your ideal outdoor environment. Perhaps yours is a meditative space filled with planters and lush vegetation, ideal for quiet reflection, where a cushioned chaise or sectional takes center stage. Maybe your perfect patio is a sleek and contemporary pavilion overlooking the city lights, with outdoor cooking and dining configurations and a gas fire pit around which your guests can gather. If you can give a name to your stylistic preference, that will help you search for images of patios that will appeal to you:  traditional, vintage, farmhouse, contemporary, eclectic. 

    modern outdoor kitchen
  1. Inventory
    Take stock of existing conditions to create a base map for your dream space.  Locate and dimension doors and windows, and survey the elevation difference between indoors and outdoors to determine if you’ll need stairs or a multi-leveled terrace. Check the solar orientation of the area. Is it facing south and likely to get lots of light and heat, or is it north-facing and thus, shady and cool? Is there any existing vegetation such as trees or shrubs that can be incorporated into your overall design?

    terrace modern fountain
  1. Conceptualize
    Visualize your use areas – lounging, dining, entertaining (maybe they can be combined) - to determine how your space will function. You can experiment with furniture layout by using on-hand pieces such as a card table and folding chairs. Use blue painter’s tape or sidewalk chalk to outline a fire pit or grilling area. Be sure to consider the following before construction begins:
  • Electrical capability, including dedicated outlets for lighting, water features, cooking appliances, and audio visual equipment. Ensure that you have the capacity in your current electrical panel to accommodate your proposed outdoor features.
  • Plumbing for irrigation, water feature or outdoor sink
  • If a permanent fire pit or grill is in your plan, hire a certified plumber to set a gas or remote propane line and do the installation.

  1. Refine 
    Once you’ve settled on a Conceptual Plan, you can fine-tune materials and finishes as well as landscape and furniture. You should expect your plan to evolve as you get more specific with your selections. Once you’re underway, don’t forget to accessorize with planters, toss pillows, and outdoor artwork which reflects your personality, as those are the items that will make the ideal patio space uniquely yours.


Creative Living is designed as a one-stop source for modern patio furnishings with complimentary design services. Our design professionals can help you recognize your style, lay out furniture, select colors and fabrics and arrange your patio décor.

07 Dec


Holiday gift giving can be stressful, especially if the intended recipient has excellent taste and a discerning eye. But don’t worry, we’ve got some suggestions for your outdoor-living aficionado that don’t include gardening tools or bedding plants, and they can be enjoyed all year round.

Colorful Tentacle Planters

tentacle planter ceramic glazed tentacle planter ceramic glazed colorful

Funky little Tentacle Planters can go from indoors to outdoors. Each one is handmade and is available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, including table top, wall mounted or suspended, starting at $35.


Wall Climbers and Divers

Simple and striking, both Climbing Man and Diving Man have a bronze finish and will fit into most any contemporary décor, $95.

Rolling Outdoor Bar Cart

If you want to step up your gift-giving game, the Roll Bar Trolley from Cane Line will delight your loved one. The frame is aluminum in either Lava Grey or White with teak shelves. This piece can move effortlessly between the kitchen for restocking and the patio for serving, and it just plain looks amazing, regardless of what’s on it, $1295.

Hestia Fire Pit

Maybe your gift recipient has been extra good this year and needs to be rewarded with something extraordinary. If so, we’ve got just the thing. The Hestia fire pit by Nisho will anchor an outdoor space with heat and light and ensure that you are remembered for your fine and generous gift that keeps on giving, starting at $5600.


30 Oct


It’s official: outdoor fire pit season is here!

Fire pits are the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor area as they create light and warmth, and they usually serve as a coffee table as well. Now is the time to set out the throw blankets, pillows and tumblers and gather around the glow of a seasonal fire in your outdoor space.

Here are a few quick tips on how to arrange your patio furniture around your fire pit:

Round fire pit & individual chairs

A circular fire pit is the most equitable of all shapes and is likely to work in any kind of patio space. Because the perimeter of the fire pit is limited, this shape may work best with several individual chairs around it.

round concrete fire pit cor-ten steel fire bowl

Square fire pit & sectional sofa

Maximize seating options and create a cozy chat area with a sectional couch. Block fire pits play nicely with sectional seating, especially when both sides of the couch are the same dimensions. Speaking of dimensions, 18-24” is an ideal distance from the edge of the fire pit to the edge of the seating area. This dimension can be bigger or smaller, depending on the scale of the components, but 18” yields adequate leg room and is still within arm’s reach should you wish to set a plate, book or a glass on the ledge surrounding the fire pit.

block fire pit square modern fire pit

Rectangular fire pit & sofa

A long, linear fire pit is elegant and functional when spreading out the warmth. Make sure that the horizontal surface of the fire pit is either the same height as the seat of adjacent furniture, or slightly lower. That way you can look across the fire pit to visit with folks on the other side. A rectangular fire pit provides the most flexibility in seating options. A full-sized sofa, a pair of love seats can be combined to create a conversation area according to the length of the fire pit and number of guests you’d like to accommodate. Again, 18-24” is a good rule of thumb for distance between the fire pit and seating but can be personalized as your patio or terrace allows.

Now light ‘er up!

rectangular modern fire pit linear modern fire pit

28 Sep


Fall brings images of bright orange pumpkins, scarecrows with patchwork quilting and multi-colored leaves in a spray across the yard. But before you start placing orange pumpkins on your front porch, let’s think how you can relish the season while staying true to a color palette that is more in keeping with your modern outdoor style.

Choose blue and gray pumpkins instead of traditional orange and use them as your muse. Introduce some grays, blues, browns or a splash of marsala in your patio décor pieces.  The Divine Footstools are perfect to pop a color around the backyard, throw some cozy blankets, pop a bottle or two of red wine.

Autumn perfection!

Modern Patio Fall Decor Cane Line

As the days get shorter, the nights get longer nothing is more comforting than a fire pit. Add pillows, blankets and throws to your patio furniture, some holiday accessories that set the mood and enjoy that cozy fire pit on a chilly Autumn evening. Make sure you pick a fire pit with plenty high BTU burner, to keep you toasty warm when the temperature drops, so you can just kick back and admire he night.

Modern Outdoor Fire Pit

One of the simplest ways to decorate your front porch for fall is to make the front door the focal point. Add a modern wreath and flank to your front door with complementing oversized planters that can display pumpkin topiaries, tall grasses or a collection of colorful foliage. Grasses, succulents, flax and cool weather annuals such as kale create color and texture that live well beyond the ever-present pansies and mums and will maintain their color and form throughout the season.modern outdoor wreath

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