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26 Aug

5 Hot Tips for Dining Alfresco

Five Hot Tips for Alfresco Dining
The perfect alfresco dining experience would likely include a perfect outdoor kitchen where the transition from cooktop to tabletop is only a matter of inches. We here at Creative Living and our sister company, Artisan Outdoor Kitchens, can literally design and build a thoroughly modern outdoor kitchen in any configuration, color, style or setting. We’ve listed five hot tips to spark your imagination and encourage you take your next meal outdoors, where everything tastes better.
#1 – Build a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen
AOK Kitchen Blog
AOK Kitchen 2
If you don’t happen to have the perfect outdoor kitchen, fret not, as alfresco dining is available to everyone, everywhere. Below are a few more tips for creating a meal to remember with a handful of modest materials and a minimum amount of effort.
 #2 – Set Up a Dining Surface
HOUE Circle Table
An outdoor dining surface is important and can be as prominent as this bamboo and granite table by Houe or as simple as a wooden crate set with some vintage tableware.
#3 – Scatter Linens to Soften the Setting
Linen napkins in assorted colors, cuttings from the landscape and twine set a rustic and inviting table.   
Harpers Bazaar Linens
Harpers Bazaar
#4 – Use Unbreakable Dishware
Chunky, sturdy dishware is best for outdoor dining, and a large serving tray is helpful when transporting food and drinks from the kitchen to the dining area.
Styling: Sarah Ellison   Photography: Jessie Prince
Melamine dishes
sea glass tray      melamine plates
  Faux Sea Glass Serving Tray by Terrain    Melamine Dinnerware by Aidio
#5 – Include Light and Blankets
Hanging lights, votive candles or solar powered lanterns all add to the ambience at your outdoor dining table. Blankets on each chair or readily available will prolong the pleasure of your outdoor dining when the air gets nippy.
  blankets and lights  tekura lights
Good Housekeeping        Solar Lanterns

24 Mar

That’s Amore: An Outdoor Pizza Oven Primer

Posted by Micheline Stone

At Artisan Outdoor Kitchens by Creative Living, we love us some authentic oven-fired pizza alfresco on the patio. Our suggestion: Skip the pile of pizza boxes and whip up a Neapolitan feast yourself. Here are two of our favorite outdoor pizza ovens to get the party started.



The Pioneer: Fontana

If there were ever a mothership of authentic Italian backyard pizza, Fontana Forni is it. For more than 40 years, the Fontana Forni artisans have been designing and constructing traditional residential pizza ovens in Italy and bringing their collection—both standalone and countertop, fueled by either wood or gas—to the most discerning of at-home pizza connoisseurs. 


Handmade by artisans in Naples with mineral-infused alluvial clay, these pizza stones are wood-fired in a kiln to allow for ultimate heat retention and moisture absorption. Translation: If you want to wow your guests with the perfect Neapolitan pizza, this stone is a must-have pizza oven companion.


  • Trick: Precision
Did you know there are international standards for how to craft true Neapolitan pizza? The stone temperature must be between 806°F and 896°F.  Thanks to old-world construction using materials endemic to the region, the Saputo stone lets you cook a pizza at 850°F for 60 to 90 seconds without burning the bottom.


  • Tip:  Inspiration

When you’ve got your pizza game down, visit Fontana’s “Recipes” section online for more mouth-watering dishes you can make with your pizza oven—think Crostini Salsiccia e Crescenza, Pizzelle, and Tuscan Venison Roast.



The Do-It-All: Alfresco

For more than 20 years, Alfresco has been designing the most luxurious open-air restaurant-inspired kitchen appliances on the market. That collection includes the Artisan Pizza Oven, a sleek, stainless steel workhorse of a pizza cooker that can also bake, roast, and iron-skillet sear thanks to versatile temperature controls and smart design that distributes heat evenly.

 artisan pizza oven

  • Tool: Pizza Oven Cart

Could there be anything better than a mobile pizza oven? Snag one of these carts to help manage your outdoor setup when counter space is limited—no full kitchen required.


  • Trick: Efficiency

The Artisan Pizza Oven preheats up to 800 degrees in just 15 minutes for on-the-fly Neopolitan goodness.


  • Tip: Inspiration

Want to make your pizza oven a focal point of your outdoor kitchen? Check out Alfresco’s “Concepts Library" page for design ideas and detailed renderings to help you plan. 


artisan outdoor pizza oven

18 Feb

February 2021: Staff Picks

Posted by Micheline Stone

Designing the perfect outdoor living area is tricky. What furniture works? Neutrals or bolds? How should you light it? Do you want a full bells-and-whistles kitchen or a simple grill? At Creative Living, we love to dream up stunning, functional outdoor spaces that reflect your style, and we take pride in working with you to create, tailor, and execute a vision. By way of inspiration, we asked our staff to point out their most coveted items in the store.


The Hot List:


Custom Art Panels

“Whether it’s for a pop of color, to block the wind, or to hide from the neighbors, our custom outdoor art panels add just the right pizazz to your space. They look good all year long and add a unique touch to your yard. Custom-made in a variety of styles and finishes, these panels can help bring your style to life!”

—Micheline, Owner

red flower art


Les Jardins Solar Lighting 

“The table is set for a romantic dinner for two in the garden, and the candles blow out. This won’t happen when you use this solar lantern to provide the desired amount of light, from bright to subdued.”

—Kathleen, Design & Sales


Maui Chair 

“The bold shape, sexy silhouette and eye-popping colors of the Maui Chair (as well as its corresponding ottoman) help make an enormous statement in your outdoor area. Whether used singly as a reading getaway or used with other Maui Chairs around a pool or fire pit, the visual appeal is only outmatched by its ergonomic design and comfort.”

—Sandy, Design & Sales 


Alfresco Grills & Appliances

“I love the versatility and options available in this line of appliances. You can customize your space to suit your cooking needs without sacrificing style! The sleek lines and stainless steel finish complement any color outdoor kitchen and hold up well in the elements.”

—Ashley, Outdoor Kitchen Designs



Micheline Stone // Owner

Micheline moved to Colorado in 2013 with her family from the Philadelphia area, where she graduated from Philadelphia Textiles with a Graphic Design degree. Her experiences led her to advertising up and down the East Coast, from Philadelphia to Miami. Driven to share her expertise and knowledge of the arts, Micheline achieved her Master's in Education and taught art to grade school students for several years. After raising her own family, Micheline decided to re-enter the retail side's design world, where she curates unique pieces and designs spectacular outdoor living spaces with a modern edge.

When she's not at work, you can find Micheline hiking with her husband and sons during the summer months, baking fabulous cookies and muffins for family, friends, and neighbors, and watching never-ending lacrosse games!

26 Jan

Let There Be Light (And Heat)

Posted by Micheline Stone

Upgrading your outdoor living space doesn’t have to be a warm-weather endeavor. One of the best ways to transform your backyard into a four-season mecca of relaxation is by extending its use from day into night. 

29 Aug


Posted by Creative Living


Nothing beats the heat like water, especially when it’s in your own backyard – or front yard or balcony or even indoors.

Our Creative Living home began life as an auto body shop. The cinder block building has two garage doors and a beautiful but blisteringly hot barrel roof made of wood. While we’re lucky to have a rumbling old evaporative cooler to push air, the temperature hovers around 94 degrees inside during the summer months, but our indoor fountains are always gurgling, shushing and pouring water. The sight, sound and ambience give the impression that we’re cool as cucumbers in the store!


From traditional tiered fountains reminiscent of Italy to contemporary pieces fabricated from metal, one thing is consistent and that is water flow. It can trickle like a mountain stream, creating a zen-like atmosphere or it can fall in big sheets like a waterfall, producing a lovely sound that can muffle the neighbor’s condenser or traffic nearby. Be cautious about placement of your fountain – if placed close to conversational areas, it can be difficult to talk above splashing water.


Not only do water features provide a visual focus for your outdoor space, their psychological and mental health benefits are well-documented. Negative ions emanate from running water, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing serotonin levels, relaxation and sometimes even a nice, long nap.  


Butterflies, birds and domesticated pets all love running water. Be cautious of using chemicals to clean or treat the fountain if you have frequent non-human visitors like the bobcat below.


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