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29 Aug


Posted by Creative Living


Nothing beats the heat like water, especially when it’s in your own backyard – or front yard or balcony or even indoors.

Our Creative Living home began life as an auto body shop. The cinder block building has two garage doors and a beautiful but blisteringly hot barrel roof made of wood. While we’re lucky to have a rumbling old evaporative cooler to push air, the temperature hovers around 94 degrees inside during the summer months, but our indoor fountains are always gurgling, shushing and pouring water. The sight, sound and ambience give the impression that we’re cool as cucumbers in the store!


From traditional tiered fountains reminiscent of Italy to contemporary pieces fabricated from metal, one thing is consistent and that is water flow. It can trickle like a mountain stream, creating a zen-like atmosphere or it can fall in big sheets like a waterfall, producing a lovely sound that can muffle the neighbor’s condenser or traffic nearby. Be cautious about placement of your fountain – if placed close to conversational areas, it can be difficult to talk above splashing water.


Not only do water features provide a visual focus for your outdoor space, their psychological and mental health benefits are well-documented. Negative ions emanate from running water, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing serotonin levels, relaxation and sometimes even a nice, long nap.  


Butterflies, birds and domesticated pets all love running water. Be cautious of using chemicals to clean or treat the fountain if you have frequent non-human visitors like the bobcat below.


11 Jan


What is better than a beautiful winter afternoon outdoors? A beautiful winter afternoon outdoors with a cocktail: fresh air, cold nose, warm heart! Enjoy outdoor living at its best cozied up to a roaring fire pit, relaxing in comfy modern outdoor furniture and sharing time with friends and family.

04 Dec


With the holidays upon us, we at Creative Living wanted to deviate from design advice and product to share with you those aspects of our little urban oasis in Denver for which we are most thankful and share with you a few of our favorite things.

MICHELINE  //  Mom to two, active teen-aged boys and a small business owner, anything that can take the edge off is welcomed. Running water – the look of it, the sound of it, the feel of it – makes Micheline happy, particularly the hand-carved stone fountains by Greg Roberson which are exclusive to Creative Living.  
Micheline is thankful to be in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts district of Denver where she can help local and aspiring artists ensure that their work is seen by displaying it in our showroom. Unlike a gallery, we position artwork in conjunction with a vignette or outdoor setting to show clients how they might incorporate artwork into their own space. Micheline is fond of modern, funky sculpture and painting and as a big fan of street art, she is especially fond of the various graffiti exhibits in this neighborhood (except when they occur, without invitation, on the exterior walls of the store).

STEPHANIE  //  Stephanie is grateful for the Creative Living team and their efforts to make sure every potential client is given the time and expertise to help them with their outdoor project. Regardless of whether they make a purchase, her sincere hope is that each person walks out of the showroom being creatively inspired and having learned something to assist in the creation of their dream space.

Another item on Stephanie’s gratitude list is the quantity of customizable options and short lead times we have on our furniture lines here at Creative Living.  A one-of-a-kind piece is the ultimate way to personalize your outdoor space. When planning and designing a space, having over 150 top-choice Sunbrella fabrics help us to appreciate each client’s style and finish a space as they envisioned.

SANDY  //  As the primary caretaker of the showroom and courtyard, Sandy is always tickled to make her way into work. The building (a former auto-body shop) and the courtyard create a Zen environment, in spite of sharing a lot with a highly-trafficked convenience store and a multitude of colorful characters. At work, Sandy arranges, displays, organizes, prunes, edits and cleans so that our furniture, water features, fire pits, planters and other products are seen in their very best light. Why is it so much more fun to do those tasks at work than it is do them at home???

Also, on Sandy’s grateful list is the warranty by one of our premier furniture lines Telescope Casual. In a world of one, two and three-year warranties, Telescope Casual provides a 15-year residential warranty from a company with the same family ownership for more than 115 years. It is a pleasure to say ‘yes’ if a Telescope client finds themselves in need of attention from their outdoor furniture manufacturer.

We are all truly grateful for your support this past year and look forward to your visit in 2020! Happy Holidays!

05 Nov



covered fountain


Creative Living is a proud supplier of outdoor fountains constructed of a high-density, cast stone mix that is strong and durable. We recommend that our clients perform regular maintenance throughout the year but winterization is especially crucial. It will help your fountain withstand snow, wind and freeze/thaw cycles.

  • The most important step in winterization is draining the fountain. Prior to freezing temperatures, empty all water either by directing the pump to the exterior of the basin or by bailing the water out with a scoop and absorbing the remainder with a large sponge.
  • Drain the hoses and other fountain components such as finials so that rain and melted snow cannot accumulate in the basin(s) of the fountain. Remove debris from around the pump including leaves, dirt and algae and dry completely. Ideally, remove the pump and store inside. If removal is difficult, wrap the pump with insulating material such as foam or a thick towel and secure with tape.
  • If possible, raise the base of the fountain slightly so it does not freeze and stick to the ground below.
  • Cover or wrap the fountain in an appropriately sized weather-proof cover to prevent moisture from accumulating in the basin. Creative Living sells fountain covers by Campania. Made of breathable Tyvek, the cover allows trapped moisture to escape but neither rain nor dust can get in. The locking drawstring will pull the cover securely around the bottom of the fountain. Use of an authentic Campania cover – versus a tarp – ensures the one year product warranty.
  • Check the fountain periodically to confirm that the cover is secure and water is not accumulating in any part.

05 Oct


If you’re a Colorado resident, you know that autumn is the epitome of the outdoor season. If you happen to live elsewhere, don’t despair. Just because the days are getting shorter, it doesn’t mean that patio living is finished for the year. You can relish your outdoor space well into fall by doing just a few things.  

Cook Outside
The first path we shovel after snowfall is from the backdoor to the grill, but you can do better. A patio oven, a smoker or a full-on kitchen overlooking a mountain view - or even your backyard fence – makes meal preparation a pleasure.

Outdoor Kitchen

Light the Sky
Regardless of whether you’re beneath them or just looking at them from afar, overhead string lights indicate there’s a party going on around here, and they extend the night-time view, making the transition between light and dark less stark. Smaller, more focused accent lighting creates pockets of warmth, bringing coziness and comfort to a seating or dining area, and they cast an attractive glow on every face.

Snuggle Up to a Fire
Nothing says fall like an outdoor fire, either shared with friends or enjoyed in solitude. A gas-powered fire is easiest, especially when it’s controlled with the flip of a switch, but a propane tank or wood fire are just as lovely and are easy to accommodate in most outdoor environments.

Prolong Your Planters
Most folks know that Pansies and Mums are the go-to for seasonal color in the fall. Highly textured plants also work beautifully – think ornamental grasses with tall plumes, flowering Kale and perennials with coarse seed pods whose silhouettes are striking and sturdy, even when they turn brown after a hard frost.


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