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26 Aug

5 Hot Tips for Dining Alfresco

Five Hot Tips for Alfresco Dining
The perfect alfresco dining experience would likely include a perfect outdoor kitchen where the transition from cooktop to tabletop is only a matter of inches. We here at Creative Living and our sister company, Artisan Outdoor Kitchens, can literally design and build a thoroughly modern outdoor kitchen in any configuration, color, style or setting. We’ve listed five hot tips to spark your imagination and encourage you take your next meal outdoors, where everything tastes better.
#1 – Build a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen
AOK Kitchen Blog
AOK Kitchen 2
If you don’t happen to have the perfect outdoor kitchen, fret not, as alfresco dining is available to everyone, everywhere. Below are a few more tips for creating a meal to remember with a handful of modest materials and a minimum amount of effort.
 #2 – Set Up a Dining Surface
HOUE Circle Table
An outdoor dining surface is important and can be as prominent as this bamboo and granite table by Houe or as simple as a wooden crate set with some vintage tableware.
#3 – Scatter Linens to Soften the Setting
Linen napkins in assorted colors, cuttings from the landscape and twine set a rustic and inviting table.   
Harpers Bazaar Linens
Harpers Bazaar
#4 – Use Unbreakable Dishware
Chunky, sturdy dishware is best for outdoor dining, and a large serving tray is helpful when transporting food and drinks from the kitchen to the dining area.
Styling: Sarah Ellison   Photography: Jessie Prince
Melamine dishes
sea glass tray      melamine plates
  Faux Sea Glass Serving Tray by Terrain    Melamine Dinnerware by Aidio
#5 – Include Light and Blankets
Hanging lights, votive candles or solar powered lanterns all add to the ambience at your outdoor dining table. Blankets on each chair or readily available will prolong the pleasure of your outdoor dining when the air gets nippy.
  blankets and lights  tekura lights
Good Housekeeping        Solar Lanterns

15 Jun


It’s upon us, the longest and most magnificent day of the year: the summer solstice. You can acknowledge the first, official day of summer with a few, outdoor gestures of your own.

Head outside before dawn with coffee and bagels and kick on the Nisho fire pit. Then sit back and wait for it - the earliest sunrise on the calendar. 

Concrete Fire Pit

Spend the morning tending to your garden. This Faccia planter adds just the right amount of personality whether your garden is comprised of acres or feet.  Then, when the rest of the crowd is up, invite them outdoors for brunch, served on a dining table made of recycled milk jugs.

face planter 

Nothing says summer like a midday nap outdoors, especially on this ultra-comfortable sofa by Telescope Casual. Put your head down, your feet up and enjoy the restoration that occurs when you do nothing at all.

leeward sectional

Now it’s time to ramp it up. Did someone say cocktails? Tables, footstools and outdoor lights. We’ll drink to that!

divine foot stools by cane line

Cheers to the longest Day of the Year!