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11 Jan


What is better than a beautiful winter afternoon outdoors? A beautiful winter afternoon outdoors with a cocktail: fresh air, cold nose, warm heart! Enjoy outdoor living at its best cozied up to a roaring fire pit, relaxing in comfy modern outdoor furniture and sharing time with friends and family.

10 Jun


Nothing evokes after-hours ambiance like a fire. It is the source of heat, light and sociability, and fire pits make it possible for most everyone to enjoy those beautiful attributes outside their own homes. Outdoor fire pits are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and finishes. Below are a few some samples of fire pit and fire bowl that Creative Living is proud to offer:
Bento Concrete Fire Pit Miso Concrete Fire Bowl
If you have the ability to access and trench to your residential gas meter, you are lucky indeed. A certified plumber can install a gas line that will make the operation of your fire pit a snap.
If your only choice is propane, you can choose either remotely located propane tank, or hidden propane tank configuration. An outdoor fire pit with a propane tank contained within the base, accessible via a hinged door will sit slightly higher than it's remotely-fueled cousin - about 24" to 26" -  but is still a comfortable height, suitable also as a low table. With hidden propane tank source, the fire pit can change location more easily than one with an underground fuel line connection.
hidden propane fire pit propane round fire pit linear modern fire pit
Think of an outdoor fire pit / fire bowl as the outdoor equivalent of an indoor coffee table. If your furnishings consist of individual chairs, a round fire pit will provide the most flexibility in arrangement of those chairs around its perimeter. If modular components - an L-shaped outdoor couch with a chaise, or built-in benches - a square or rectangular fire pit may suit the configuration more smoothly. Allow clearance between the edge of the fire pit and seating for leg room and circulation (18" is typical).
modern fire bowl  linear fire pit 
Fire pits / fire bowl are fabricated in a range of materials, from concrete to steel to aluminum. Choose the finish that suits your taste and lifestyle, as well as your tolerance for maintenance. If your outdoor living area is in a corrosive environment such as salt air, or if the fire pit sits on a porous surface that is easily stained, powder coating a metal structure will protect the fire pit and surrounding area. Concrete fire pits are beautiful, but require a little bit more maintenance. You might have to seal it once a year and cover it during winter seasons.
bento fire pit round modern fire pit 
Browse our Creative Living website  to figure out what type of  fire pit is best for your outdoor loving area, or simply visit our showroom Tuesday- Saturday from 10 am-6 pm.

21 May


There is not a  whole lot better than enjoying a refreshing beverage while sitting outside in some comfy chairs. In fact, that’s why many Loll chairs come with built-in bottle openers and wine holders.
Summer is almost here and we would like to share with you some of Loll Designs favorite summer drinks – both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Cheers!


We love this pineapple coconut water recipe from the natural foods recipe journal 101 Cookbooks.

The secret is real pineapple juice. You can get the juice using a juice extractor, blender or Vitamix, or a food processor. We also just love the bright yellow color of this fragrant, nonalcoholic drink.Strawberry Basil Lemonade.


Five and Spice is one of our absolute favorite cooking blogs. Blogger Emily Vikre is co-founder of Vikre Distillery, an award-winning micro-distillery in Duluth, MN. She also has a master’s in nutrition and a PhD in food policy. Basically, she makes killer drinks, including this strawberry basil lemonade


Tropical and delicious, this pineapple coconut spritzer from food blogger Sweet and Savory by Shinee is naturally sweetened with pineapple and orange juice. We love the addition of club soda, making it a bubbly thirst-quencher.


A simple syrup, fresh blackberries, a few sprigs of mint, a shot of bourbon. Also known, as heaven in a glass. Blogger Miss in the Kitchen claims her blackberry mint julip recipe will “blow your cocktail-loving mind.” 


Put all your fresh summer fruit to use with this cranberry sangria punch from Iowa Girl Eats. It’s simple to make too – just mix champagne wine-soaked winter fruits and finish with a splash of orange juice.