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12 Jul


Water is one of the most integral parts of an outdoor environment, and there are many ways to make it work in your outdoor space. An outdoor fountain can be a focal point in your landscape like the Del Rey fountain below, or you can choose a gentle, soothing companion to your outdoor reading or meditation area like the Swirl fountain below.

Del Rey Fountain stone forest swirl fountain

Shape and size play an important role in how your outdoor fountain will sound. If the water falls across a spiller into a vessel below, it will generate greater sound. The longer the fall, the louder the water will be, those types of fountains are ideal for larger outdoor living areas. Also, keep in mind that with a large water drop, it is more likely that the stream may be interrupted by strong wind, pushing water away from the vessel and requiring the fountain to be refilled more frequently.

water wall fountain falling water fountain

A glazed, ceramic vessel fountain can create a simple but stunning focal piece, especially when positioned so it can be viewed from an outdoor seating area or even from an interior window. Water spills over the top of the vessel into a basin that can be placed above or below ground. This type of fountain makes a very soothing sound and its perfect for smaller outdoor spaces or flower gardens.

Catinat Jar Fountain Catinat Jar fountain

Precast concrete is a durable material for fountains, available in a variety of patinas to customize it to your outdoor space.  

cast stone patinas carrera fountain

Please keep in consideration that all ceramic and concrete fountains must be drained and covered in the winter months so they do not crack.  Natural stone fountains don’t require to be covered, so you can enjoy your fountain as a piece of sculpture during the winter months.

25 Jun


The gentle sound of flowing water takes the stress from our lives and relaxes us. Water in the garden is an important element, and a great investment, but there are a few things to consider before you purchase your outdoor fountain.

SPACE: The size of the fountain should be determined by the size of the outdoor space.  If your garden or courtyard is small or includes a more intimate closed in feel, then you may want to choose a small or unassuming fountain that will not take up too much space or can be nestled in a corner. If your outdoor space is large then you may consider large, free standing fountains that can be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space.

DRAMATIC OR ZEN: If you want something Zen, look for a more soothing effect in water gently cascading over a cast stone ball or a ceramic vessel. Discover the charm of dancing water from a fountain lit at night, while you entertain on the patio or deck. Remember to add lighting components for dramatic nighttime illumination.


If you are looking for a free-standing fountain that’s going to be an attractive focal point choose a three tier tall fountain or a large scale water feature that makes more sound.  


Nesting in a secluded corner, tucked away among the plantings, the fountain will not distract from the overall composition. The bubbling fountains are great for this type of setting.


FOUNTAIN STYLE: Whether you have an urban, contemporary or country garden, the fountain should be compatible with your personal style and the aesthetics of your house and garden.











Whatever water fountain you choose, you’ll surely enjoy the relaxing, soothing sounds and stress relief benefits. 

31 May


Nothing better than walking through your garden and seeing birds drink from your fountain. The Girona Fountain from Campania International is a very popular fountain with the modern crowd. It is also a great fountain to have with small children about the disk keeps the kids out of the pool of water and is tactile for the little ones as well. Beyond that, the proportions are perfect and we love the texture.

The Girona Fountain is an excellent water feature for your deck; patio; or yard. With its clean, round design and textured surface, this fountain is perfect for the patio, yard, or garden. Turn any outdoor living space into a favorite gathering spot for family and friends and let the sound of flowing water provide a soothing backdrop. The water flows smoothly over a round plate into the basin and recirculates within the fountain, so no plumbing is necessary.

Available in your choice of finish, this fountain is hand-crafted from weather-resistant, premium fiber and reinforced cast stone concrete, and proudly designed and manufactured in the United States. Click to see more information about Girona Fountain.

Campania International, INC:

The artistic flair found in Girona Fountain from Campania Int. comes from Pennsylvania. They are one of the best investments you can make for any outdoor area. These water features are designed by one of the most well known Garden Decor manufacturers in the industry. Campania International fountains range in design from very classical tier fountains to very modern, sleek clean garden fountains. Made out of cast stone, Campania Fountains are designed to last a lifetime. Each fountain by Campania is unique designed by an in house artist or from an antique original, making Campania designs one of the best in the industry.