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27 Apr


  1. Dream
    In your wildest imagination, envision your ideal outdoor environment. Perhaps yours is a meditative space filled with planters and lush vegetation, ideal for quiet reflection, where a cushioned chaise or sectional takes center stage. Maybe your perfect patio is a sleek and contemporary pavilion overlooking the city lights, with outdoor cooking and dining configurations and a gas fire pit around which your guests can gather. If you can give a name to your stylistic preference, that will help you search for images of patios that will appeal to you:  traditional, vintage, farmhouse, contemporary, eclectic. 

    modern outdoor kitchen
  1. Inventory
    Take stock of existing conditions to create a base map for your dream space.  Locate and dimension doors and windows, and survey the elevation difference between indoors and outdoors to determine if you’ll need stairs or a multi-leveled terrace. Check the solar orientation of the area. Is it facing south and likely to get lots of light and heat, or is it north-facing and thus, shady and cool? Is there any existing vegetation such as trees or shrubs that can be incorporated into your overall design?

    terrace modern fountain
  1. Conceptualize
    Visualize your use areas – lounging, dining, entertaining (maybe they can be combined) - to determine how your space will function. You can experiment with furniture layout by using on-hand pieces such as a card table and folding chairs. Use blue painter’s tape or sidewalk chalk to outline a fire pit or grilling area. Be sure to consider the following before construction begins:
  • Electrical capability, including dedicated outlets for lighting, water features, cooking appliances, and audio visual equipment. Ensure that you have the capacity in your current electrical panel to accommodate your proposed outdoor features.
  • Plumbing for irrigation, water feature or outdoor sink
  • If a permanent fire pit or grill is in your plan, hire a certified plumber to set a gas or remote propane line and do the installation.

  1. Refine 
    Once you’ve settled on a Conceptual Plan, you can fine-tune materials and finishes as well as landscape and furniture. You should expect your plan to evolve as you get more specific with your selections. Once you’re underway, don’t forget to accessorize with planters, toss pillows, and outdoor artwork which reflects your personality, as those are the items that will make the ideal patio space uniquely yours.


Creative Living is designed as a one-stop source for modern patio furnishings with complimentary design services. Our design professionals can help you recognize your style, lay out furniture, select colors and fabrics and arrange your patio décor.

15 Sep


Outdoor planters can define space, direct traffic, add shape, color and texture, and they can be personalized to reflect your stylistic preference as well as your climate. In short, planters are the most versatile of all outdoor accessories!

Before you purchase your outdoor pots consider where they will be located. Are you looking for a statement piece? Something striking with a definite wow factor? Or perhaps it’s more about functionality. If your outdoor living area is without form, patio planters can act like walls or room dividers, especially when combined with upright plant materials such as bamboo or ornamental grasses.outdoor planters dividersVery narrow planters are useful when placed against an existing building to soften a wall or positioned next to a railing to screen an undesirable view. Some planters are ideal for framing an entrance. A tall, slender front door can be flanked by planters with a similar shape, whereas a wide, broad entrance or porch will accommodate a range of planter sizes and configurations.front door planters Before you purchase outdoor containers, think about your personal style and the exterior of your home. Is your home modern and sleek, or is it traditional and formal? Look for a planter that compliments your residential architecture.Your planters need to be appropriately sized for the space in which they are placed, but be bold in terms of scale. If you are unsure, take a leap and select a pot that is bigger than what you think will fit. One of the last things you want to do in a small space is use a lot of tiny pots and planters, as this will just make the space look cluttered and even smaller. Choose either one big, lavish pot or a simple group of three.If you are buying a group of pots, you can mix textures or sizes to create an interesting composition. Experiment with three different size containers, all in the same shape and color. Or choose the same pattern – in material or glaze – but in coordinating shapes, such as a small, medium and large.outdoor modern plantersKeep in mind fun and whimsical outdoor planters when you are adding flair to your outdoor living space. With very little effort, they can be the focus of your outdoor table top décor!table top planters

02 Feb


Utilizing outdoor pots and planters is an ideal way to create beautiful gardens in your front porch, outdoor space or patio. There is a huge selection of outdoor planters and pots that come in different sizes, materials and colors such as Terra cotta, metal, plastic, wood and ceramic.

tall modern outdoor pots modern metal planters tall modern planters 

Planters can be used to increase the curb appeal of your home, to create privacy or just simply to divide the space. You can fill the pots with attractive plants and colorful flowers or just place them empty in the neglected area of your patio. If you are planning to establish a container garden, remember that the happiness and health of your garden will depend on their growing zones. It is not all about choosing plants to be put in the planters but also choosing the materials that suit the weather. For smaller outdoor spaces tall and narrow garden pots work very well, they help to save the space and still enrich the area with some living plants.

Modern Tall Outdoor pot unique large planters Modern Tall square planter 

 When you are planning your outdoor living space, think if you want to add color with the planters and choose more simple plant material or have the pots blend in with your patio but pop some color with bright flowers.

  Unique modern ceramic planters 

Outdoor planters can be placed in groupings or just as singles.

beautiful outdoor space  modern outdoor planting

single planter  

They are also perfect for creating privacy or dividing the outdoor living space.

  privacy outdoor room      

 Outdoor planters have the ability to beautify and enhance your outdoor areas anytime of the year. With proper care they will look wonderful during any season. For some other ideas on planters and pots please brows our website or just simply stop by our store to see our inventory.

Happy Planning & Planting!

28 Aug


A few fun recipes on how to dress up your backyard or a patio with some colorful fall planting.       

SHOWSTOPPERS: Make rich arrangements of fall color flowers, use some shiny leaves, striking evergreens, lime green leaves and add a splash of purple to increase a dramatic contrast.


GLORIOUS GRASSES: Grasses are a no-brainer for fall gardens.  Keep them in mind for your container plantings as well. Most grasses look great in pots. 


COLORFUL LEAVES: Try plants with vibrant leaves.


RADIANT PURPLE: Add some flair to your patio with the color of the year!


FORMAL FLAIR: Make a statement at your entrance with a well-placed urn or a flower container.


BE DIFFERENT: Have fun being creative and thinking outside the box!