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30 Oct


It’s official: outdoor fire pit season is here!

Fire pits are the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor area as they create light and warmth, and they usually serve as a coffee table as well. Now is the time to set out the throw blankets, pillows and tumblers and gather around the glow of a seasonal fire in your outdoor space.

Here are a few quick tips on how to arrange your patio furniture around your fire pit:

Round fire pit & individual chairs

A circular fire pit is the most equitable of all shapes and is likely to work in any kind of patio space. Because the perimeter of the fire pit is limited, this shape may work best with several individual chairs around it.

round concrete fire pit cor-ten steel fire bowl

Square fire pit & sectional sofa

Maximize seating options and create a cozy chat area with a sectional couch. Block fire pits play nicely with sectional seating, especially when both sides of the couch are the same dimensions. Speaking of dimensions, 18-24” is an ideal distance from the edge of the fire pit to the edge of the seating area. This dimension can be bigger or smaller, depending on the scale of the components, but 18” yields adequate leg room and is still within arm’s reach should you wish to set a plate, book or a glass on the ledge surrounding the fire pit.

block fire pit square modern fire pit

Rectangular fire pit & sofa

A long, linear fire pit is elegant and functional when spreading out the warmth. Make sure that the horizontal surface of the fire pit is either the same height as the seat of adjacent furniture, or slightly lower. That way you can look across the fire pit to visit with folks on the other side. A rectangular fire pit provides the most flexibility in seating options. A full-sized sofa, a pair of love seats can be combined to create a conversation area according to the length of the fire pit and number of guests you’d like to accommodate. Again, 18-24” is a good rule of thumb for distance between the fire pit and seating but can be personalized as your patio or terrace allows.

Now light ‘er up!

rectangular modern fire pit linear modern fire pit