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30 Aug


Posted by Creative Living in Outdoor Living, Patio Living, summer days

If the most important person in your house isn’t actually a person, congratulations. You are one of almost 90 million Americans who place their pet at the top of the household pecking order. Here at Creative Living, we are especially partial to our animals, and we make darn sure that our client’s human guardians are accommodating them. The calendar is on its slow, lazy slide towards fall, so we wanted to make sure we acknowledge the Dog Daze of Summer by sharing a few images of mod-ish, curated and exclusive outdoor products along with the dogs that enjoy them.

Diesel Hyde is our Top Shop Dog. Not only is he the official store greeter, he’s also the first to test drive our new arrivals to make sure they suit his exacting standards. You can find him lounging on a Divine Footstool, guarding the store from his perch on a Parc Rocker or checking the dimensions on a Faccia Planter. Stop in sometime and say hello to Diesel.

parc rocker cane line devine foot stool faccia planter

From their soft, round bellies to their puppy breath, nothing is more entertaining than a puppy. Except maybe this Modern Bar Cart by Loll is a little entertaining. Oh, and a pug and his snappy little dog bowl.

outdoor bar cart 

Matt and Daniel designed their  rooftop terrace with their pets in mind, including the proximity of Koda’s bed to the soothing sounds of our X3 fountain. Lily the Chiuahua is keeping a close watch for intruders, like that sneaky cat from down the street.

x 3 fountain

Betty the Beagle is a big fan of the Leeward Sofa by Telescope Casual. The frame on this outdoor sofa is constructed of Marine Grade Polymer and is resistant to scratching but the Sunbrella cushions are the best part – they even withstood Betty’s post-skunking ‘aura’, which is a huge endorsement.

Here’s to summer going to the dogs!

11 Aug


Are you missing something in your outdoor space? Do you need privacy from your neighbor, a touch of color or a focal point on a blank wall? Consider a metal art panel, which can be customized and fabricated in a multitude of materials, colors and designs to suit you and your landscape.

A large metal art panel can act as an outdoor wall to define a space for dining or lounging. Mounted inside a sturdy wood frame like the one below, the panel is neither transparent nor opaque but just the right amount of enclosure, surrounded by plant material. Panels can also be combined to create privacy around a hot tub while still preserving a view to the sky and allowing plenty of air flow around the perimeter.

Custom Art Panel by Creative LivingCustom Art Panel by Creative Living

Steel art panels can serve as custom-designed artwork suited to your architecture. A Moorish pattern that has been powder coated in blue fits perfectly above a raised plant bed and blends with other Moorish furniture in this residence. Panels can also be cut to provide a beautiful but movable screen to hide unsightly pipes or utilities, especially when they are in prominent locations such as an outdoor dining area. The tree panel below is hinged for occasional access to utilities that reside behind it.

Custom Art Panel

Art panels don’t need to be solid. They may be as simple as a welded wire mesh within a steel frame which creates a sturdy yet transparent barrier. The bright red powder coating yields a vivid contrast to the flowering vine that climbs the wire panel. A pair of metal panels with fluid, horizontal lines and accent pieces serve as the perfect foil to the vines and landscape on this otherwise blank, white wall.

Contact Creative Living to select from among our existing panels or to have one designed just for you!

12 Jul


Water is one of the most integral parts of an outdoor environment, and there are many ways to make it work in your outdoor space. An outdoor fountain can be a focal point in your landscape like the Del Rey fountain below, or you can choose a gentle, soothing companion to your outdoor reading or meditation area like the Swirl fountain below.

Del Rey Fountain stone forest swirl fountain

Shape and size play an important role in how your outdoor fountain will sound. If the water falls across a spiller into a vessel below, it will generate greater sound. The longer the fall, the louder the water will be, those types of fountains are ideal for larger outdoor living areas. Also, keep in mind that with a large water drop, it is more likely that the stream may be interrupted by strong wind, pushing water away from the vessel and requiring the fountain to be refilled more frequently.

water wall fountain falling water fountain

A glazed, ceramic vessel fountain can create a simple but stunning focal piece, especially when positioned so it can be viewed from an outdoor seating area or even from an interior window. Water spills over the top of the vessel into a basin that can be placed above or below ground. This type of fountain makes a very soothing sound and its perfect for smaller outdoor spaces or flower gardens.

Catinat Jar Fountain Catinat Jar fountain

Precast concrete is a durable material for fountains, available in a variety of patinas to customize it to your outdoor space.  

cast stone patinas carrera fountain

Please keep in consideration that all ceramic and concrete fountains must be drained and covered in the winter months so they do not crack.  Natural stone fountains don’t require to be covered, so you can enjoy your fountain as a piece of sculpture during the winter months.

15 Jun


It’s upon us, the longest and most magnificent day of the year: the summer solstice. You can acknowledge the first, official day of summer with a few, outdoor gestures of your own.

Head outside before dawn with coffee and bagels and kick on the Nisho fire pit. Then sit back and wait for it - the earliest sunrise on the calendar. 

Concrete Fire Pit

Spend the morning tending to your garden. This Faccia planter adds just the right amount of personality whether your garden is comprised of acres or feet.  Then, when the rest of the crowd is up, invite them outdoors for brunch, served on a dining table made of recycled milk jugs.

face planter 

Nothing says summer like a midday nap outdoors, especially on this ultra-comfortable sofa by Telescope Casual. Put your head down, your feet up and enjoy the restoration that occurs when you do nothing at all.

leeward sectional

Now it’s time to ramp it up. Did someone say cocktails? Tables, footstools and outdoor lights. We’ll drink to that!

divine foot stools by cane line

Cheers to the longest Day of the Year!

06 Jun


Posted by Creative Living

It’s that time of year: Mother Nature is urging you to spend your leisure hours outside and the only thing between you and total patio relaxation is a good spring clean. Hopefully you’ve covered your outdoor furniture and stored your cushions indoors. Those efforts will extend the life of your furniture and make their seasonal debut a snap. If not, refer to our following checklist to get your outdoor space spring ready.

Cushions: Sunbrella fabric cushions are made to resist moisture, mildew and fading with only occasional cleaning necessary to keep them in top condition. Brush off loose dirt then spot clean with a mild soap and water mixture. If cushions are heavily soiled, either hose them off or apply a diluted soap and water mix with a clean rag then follow up with a squeegee tool across the surface of the cushions. Allow the cushions to dry completely and you’re ready to go.

leeward sofa by telescope casual

Metal Furniture Frames: Powder coated aluminum, steel and iron are all low maintenance materials and can last for decades. Use a mild soap (such as dish detergent) and water to wipe down, then follow up with a dry rag. 

copacabana by ratana

Woven: Most woven and rattan furniture is comprised of polypropylene or other composite materials constructed to look like wicker but wear like plastic. Vacuum the surface and crevices of the furniture to remove loose dust, hair and debris, then follow up with the mild soap and water and dry thoroughly.

lounge chair

Plastics and Resins: Set ‘em up, hose ‘em off, wipe ‘em down (we like microfiber cloths and buy them by the dozens). It doesn’t get simpler than that!

loll design