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03 Aug


Outdoor artwork and patio accessories can be the difference between an outdoor living space that is good versus one that is downright stunning. Outdoor decor and art create a distinctive and finished look that is reflective of your personality and lifestyle. 


Placement is key with outdoor sculpture so consider the space. Will the piece be seen from inside or is it selected primarily for its look while outside? Will it be viewed from up close or from far away? Some pieces are kinetic, meaning they move with the slightest breeze, and some are reflective of light and water. Outdoor lighting will enhance your outdoor art piece at night. 

A blank fence or house / garage wall is the perfect canvas on which to place a piece of outdoor wall art. A single object - or a minimal collection of similar objects – will create a focal point, which is especially key when opposite a door or window. The Climbing Man sculpture and Hanging Orb planters can work singly, or together, depending on the size and configuration of the space.

wall divers wall play wall climers

 An outdoor wall art panel such as the one below - fabricated of steel in a custom-designed floral pattern - is ideal if you need to create a privacy screen or a piece of artwork to obscure an undesirable view.

outdoor wall art steel art work outdoor wall art

Also consider adding some outdoor accessories, any type of garden décor that would add beauty and personality. A light touch is necessary so choose and display them carefully. Garden spheres are terrific, on a patio or in the landscape, surrounded by plants. Concrete, glazed in multiple colors or hollow, with a string of lights inside, spheres can add a modern feel to any outdoor areas.

concrete spheres Related image concrete garden balls

 Lanterns are another great way to bring color and ambiance to the patio. Either on a table top or on the floor, they look good during broad daylight, and at night, their silhouette brings warmth and sparkle.

Image result for modern outdoor lanterns Image result for modern outdoor lanterns 

Have fun decorating your outdoor living space and feel free to stop by our store for some more inspirational design ideas!

10 Jun


Nothing evokes after-hours ambiance like a fire. It is the source of heat, light and sociability, and fire pits make it possible for most everyone to enjoy those beautiful attributes outside their own homes. Outdoor fire pits are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and finishes. Below are a few some samples of fire pit and fire bowl that Creative Living is proud to offer:
Bento Concrete Fire Pit Miso Concrete Fire Bowl
If you have the ability to access and trench to your residential gas meter, you are lucky indeed. A certified plumber can install a gas line that will make the operation of your fire pit a snap.
If your only choice is propane, you can choose either remotely located propane tank, or hidden propane tank configuration. An outdoor fire pit with a propane tank contained within the base, accessible via a hinged door will sit slightly higher than it's remotely-fueled cousin - about 24" to 26" -  but is still a comfortable height, suitable also as a low table. With hidden propane tank source, the fire pit can change location more easily than one with an underground fuel line connection.
hidden propane fire pit propane round fire pit linear modern fire pit
Think of an outdoor fire pit / fire bowl as the outdoor equivalent of an indoor coffee table. If your furnishings consist of individual chairs, a round fire pit will provide the most flexibility in arrangement of those chairs around its perimeter. If modular components - an L-shaped outdoor couch with a chaise, or built-in benches - a square or rectangular fire pit may suit the configuration more smoothly. Allow clearance between the edge of the fire pit and seating for leg room and circulation (18" is typical).
modern fire bowl  linear fire pit 
Fire pits / fire bowl are fabricated in a range of materials, from concrete to steel to aluminum. Choose the finish that suits your taste and lifestyle, as well as your tolerance for maintenance. If your outdoor living area is in a corrosive environment such as salt air, or if the fire pit sits on a porous surface that is easily stained, powder coating a metal structure will protect the fire pit and surrounding area. Concrete fire pits are beautiful, but require a little bit more maintenance. You might have to seal it once a year and cover it during winter seasons.
bento fire pit round modern fire pit 
Browse our Creative Living website  to figure out what type of  fire pit is best for your outdoor loving area, or simply visit our showroom Tuesday- Saturday from 10 am-6 pm.

09 Mar


As spring fast approaches, we can't think of outdoor life without thinking of the trusty old Adirondack Chair. Now days your Adirondack chair does not have to be boring and sad looking. We rounded up a few modern and hip looking Adirondack chairs for your to choose from:

Built for the modern lollygagger, Loll’s collection of modern Adirondack chairs offers ideal outdoor relaxation. Made of 100 percent recycled plastic, these resin lounge chairs are easy to clean and UV resistant.

Loll Adirondack Chair

The Lollygagger Outdoor Lounge Chair sets a new paradigm for the Loll Adirondack Chair.  When you slide in, you’ll find all the angles feel just right and the two back planes add an unexpected level of comfort. The Lollygagger has an integrated bottle opener hidden under right arm just in case you get thirsty but don’t want to get up. Lollygagger Patio ChairTelescope Casual Classic Recycled MGP Adirondack Chair. This is maintenance free furniture, the frame is made of recycled material with hidden stainless steel hardware to create a more finished look. Enjoy comfort and relaxation in the deep contoured seat of our classic recycled Adirondack chair.Telescope Casual MGP Adirnondack Chair

 The Adirondack Sling Collection combines a classic frame style with all of the features and benefits of Telescope's sling fabric selection. Telescope has taken the traditional Adirondack lounge chair and has upped the comfort level by replacing the wooden seat with a more comfortable sling fabric option. They have also replaced the wood entirely with marine grade polymer (MGP) so you have no worries about upkeep. Maintenance free and extremely comfortable patio chairs.Sling Adirondack chair

Sleek and stylish. Cool and comfortable. The Adirondack, relaxified. A lower to the ground seat height reclining comfortably back to pull you in to a relaxing position. It’s a traditional Adirondack, redesigned to appeal to the modern senses. Seaside Casual calls it a “Madirondack.” This sleek and stylish chair has a lower-to-the-ground seat height to allow you to recline comfortably.seeside adirondack chair

Now get your own Adirondack chair so you can enjoy that warm sunshine and cold beer!


17 Feb


The perfect time for outdoor barbecues and those warm summer nights is near, so why not surround yourself with the most comfortable and colorful furniture? Here are some of our favorite pieces for enjoying time out on the deck this summer.

On the go end table

On-the-move side table by Cane Line is trendy, lightweight and stylish – it is both elegant and practical  and with its easy-to-grab handle and removable tray, it can convert from a designer side table to a handy serving tray in no time. Made from aluminum, it is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Lollygagger sofa

The Lollygagger Sofa by Loll Desings comes in a variety of colors and its made out recycled milk jugs. The seat and back angles of this sofa work precisely together to create a synonymous symmetry of comfort for both loungers. This outdoor couch also includes an integrated bottle opener beneath the right arm.

divine outdoor bean bags

 Divine bean bags have multiple functions, and can be used as an extra seat for guests, or as a decorative piece of furniture. Had-made with a unique fabric in selected polypropylene suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The covering fabric is created by crochet technique. Crochet is performed by one crochet hook and takes one person many days of concentrated work.  leeward outdoor sofa

 This Leeward sofa by Telescope Casual seats up to 3 people comfortably and these generously sized cushions promise all day relaxation. The loveseat version of this amazing sofa offers a rocking action for two with a hidden motion. Both pieces of furniture have a substantially constructed frame of marine grade polymer materials that is not only strong, but completely weather resistant.

Hall Outdoor Dining table

The Hall Outdoor Dining Table is a clean and sculptural take on outdoor dining tables. A black Richlite frame beneath the table adds structure and contrast to the planes of the legs and top. The Hall Outdoor Dining Bench or the Emin Outdoor Dining Chair are designed as a complement to the table’s clean geometric form.

02 Feb


Utilizing outdoor pots and planters is an ideal way to create beautiful gardens in your front porch, outdoor space or patio. There is a huge selection of outdoor planters and pots that come in different sizes, materials and colors such as Terra cotta, metal, plastic, wood and ceramic.

tall modern outdoor pots modern metal planters tall modern planters 

Planters can be used to increase the curb appeal of your home, to create privacy or just simply to divide the space. You can fill the pots with attractive plants and colorful flowers or just place them empty in the neglected area of your patio. If you are planning to establish a container garden, remember that the happiness and health of your garden will depend on their growing zones. It is not all about choosing plants to be put in the planters but also choosing the materials that suit the weather. For smaller outdoor spaces tall and narrow garden pots work very well, they help to save the space and still enrich the area with some living plants.

Modern Tall Outdoor pot unique large planters Modern Tall square planter 

 When you are planning your outdoor living space, think if you want to add color with the planters and choose more simple plant material or have the pots blend in with your patio but pop some color with bright flowers.

  Unique modern ceramic planters 

Outdoor planters can be placed in groupings or just as singles.

beautiful outdoor space  modern outdoor planting

single planter  

They are also perfect for creating privacy or dividing the outdoor living space.

  privacy outdoor room      

 Outdoor planters have the ability to beautify and enhance your outdoor areas anytime of the year. With proper care they will look wonderful during any season. For some other ideas on planters and pots please brows our website or just simply stop by our store to see our inventory.

Happy Planning & Planting!