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Product Image An image of the Quintus Wall modern fountain in the color Slate from Creative Living.

Modern Fountain - Quintus Wall

The Penta Wall Fountain is the perfect center piece for your garden. Designed to add interest to any wall, this modern fountain has five water features. Water pours from each of the protrusions of the fountain, cascading down into the basin below,.   

  • Made in the USA. from premium cast stone concrete.
  • Measures 25”d x 34”w and 56”h //  optional base  is 18"d x 26"w
  • Includes UL-listed pump. No plumbing is needed, water recirculates within the fountain
  • Pump included with installation instructions
  • The black, six-foot cord plugs into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet
  • Ideal for outdoor use, not recommended for windy areas


Winter Care:  We recommend either removing the pump if possible, or wrapping it with a towel to absorb moisture and covering the fountain using one of our fountain covers to protect it from cracking during freezing weather. 

All cast stone fountains are stained to order. 

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