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Product Image Modern Patio Furniture - Cube Outdoor Footstool

Modern Patio Furniture - Cube Outdoor Footstool

The Cube is made in the very durable outdoor Soft Rope, with a core in the unique QuickDry foam, which employs a special technology that increases the level of comfort and user-friendliness, as the material is dry again just an hour after heavy rain. Cube got its name from the distinctive shape, and the countless squares or cubes included in the design. The Soft Rope that covers the Cube, is handwoven in a beautiful pattern, providing texture and elegance to the footstool. Cube can both be used outside on the terrace as well as indoor in your living room. Discover this piece and even more modern patio furniture when you shop Creative Living today!


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Measure: 19” by 19” by 15.5”H
  • All colors in stock for $550

    Please contact for pricing