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Inspired by Scandinavian modernism, Skaal marries understated design with the natural qualities of teak coated in a weathered finish for maximum resilience to the elements. Skaal’s simple form and rustic-yet-sophisticated aesthetic makes it suitable for a variety of landscape settings, ranging from organic contemporary to industrial chic. The architectural slatted, open teak frame creates an indirect lighting effect, casting a warm glow on outdoor environments, both big and small.

Crafted out of teak with a weathered finish, this understated modern outdoor lamp comes in two different sizes and features an autonomous solar bulb that’s interchangeable. THe unique High Efficiency Solar Lighting emits a warm white light temperature of 3000K, and produces up to 500 lumens and 200 hours of LED light per charge. The bulb includes a motion sensor, dimming capabilities, and adaptive technology that memorizes user settings and charges automatically to fit your needs.

Small: 9"W x 9"D x 15"H, 5lbs
Large: 9"W x 9"D x 28"H, 8lbs

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