Modern & Hip Adirondack Chairs

As spring fast approaches, we can’t think of outdoor life without thinking of the trusty old Adirondack Chair. Nowadays your Adirondack chair does not have to be boring and sad looking. We rounded up a few modern and hip-looking Adirondack chairs for your to choose from:

Built for the modern lollygagger, Loll’s collection of modern Adirondack chairs offers ideal outdoor relaxation. Made of 100 percent recycled plastic, these resin lounge chairs are easy to clean and UV resistant.

Loll Adirondack Chair

The Lollygagger Outdoor Lounge Chair sets a new paradigm for the Loll Adirondack Chair.  When you slide in, you’ll find all the angles feel just right, and the two back planes add an unexpected level of comfort. The Lollygagger has an integrated bottle opener hidden under right arm just in case you get thirsty but don’t want to get up. Lollygagger Patio Chair

Telescope Casual Classic Recycled MGP Adirondack Chair. This is maintenance-free furniture, the frame is made of recycled material with hidden stainless steel hardware to create a more finished look. Enjoy comfort and relaxation in the deep contoured seat of our classic recycled Adirondack chair.

Telescope Casual MGP Adirnondack Chair

 The Adirondack Sling Collection combines a classic frame style with all of the features and benefits of Telescope’s sling fabric selection. Telescope has taken the traditional Adirondack lounge chair and has upped the comfort level by replacing the wooden seat with a more comfortable sling fabric option. They have also replaced the wood entirely with marine-grade polymer (MGP) so you have no worries about upkeep. Maintenance-free and extremely comfortable patio chairs

.Sling Adirondack chair

Sleek and stylish. Cool and comfortable. The Adirondack, relaxified. A lower-to-the-ground seat height reclining comfortably back to pull you in to a relaxing position. It’s a traditional Adirondack, redesigned to appeal to the modern senses. Seaside Casual calls it a “Madirondack.” This sleek and stylish chair has a lower-to-the-ground seat height to allow you to recline comfortably.seeside adirondack chair

Now get your own Adirondack chair so you can enjoy that warm sunshine and cold beer!


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