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How to Choose a Fire Pit For Your Outdoor Space?

Outdoor fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor living design trends right now; they add a unique, fun and relaxing element to any patio and they also allow you to extend the enjoyment of the outdoor living space.

We believe you should choose a fire pit that reflects your personality, your lifestyle. Here are some very general things you should look for when considering purchasing a fire pit: 


KNOW THE DIMENSIONS- generally, fire pits range in size from 20″-48″ in diameter. Small ones are usually 26”-30″ while the largest pits are about 36″-48″ in diameter (about the size of an outdoor table).

DECIDE ON FUEL- most fire pits are either wood-burning, natural gas, propane, or ethanol and it’s important to decide on which type you want. One of the biggest benefits of a natural gas fire pit is the BTU’s. Hidden propane tank fire pits are easy to hook up and they are very portable.                                           

CHOOSE MATERIAL- for fire pits, materials can range from stone, steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Concrete fire pits are beautiful and make a great focal point, but they do require a little bit of maintenance. Just like your concrete countertop, concrete fire pits need to be sealed once a year. Stainless steel fire pits, can be pricey but it’s rain- and rust-resistant and also easy to clean. But, if you’re looking for something low maintenance, consider a cor-ten steel version or aluminum. Aluminum fire pits powder-coated to stand up to the elements and they also have a nice look. Steel fire pit will develop a nice rust patina and you will never have to worry about cleaning it.


 ACCESSORIES- the type of rocks used greatly affects how the fire behaves and how you experience its blazing allure. Choose from fire glass, decorative river rock or lava rock.

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Micheline lives in Colorado with her family. Her graphic design degree and experience led her to advertising up and down the East Coast, from Philadelphia to Miami. Micheline curates unique pieces and designs spectacular outdoor living spaces with a modern edge.