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A few fun recipes on how to dress up your backyard or a patio with some colorful fall planting.       

SHOWSTOPPERS: Make rich arrangements of fall color flowers, use some shiny leaves, striking evergreens, lime green leaves and add a splash of purple to increase a dramatic contrast.


GLORIOUS GRASSES: Grasses are a no-brainer for fall gardens.  Keep them in mind for your container plantings as well. Most grasses look great in pots. 


COLORFUL LEAVES: Try plants with vibrant leaves.


RADIANT PURPLE: Add some flair to your patio with the color of the year!


FORMAL FLAIR: Make a statement at your entrance with a well-placed urn or a flower container.


BE DIFFERENT: Have fun being creative and thinking outside the box!


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Micheline lives in Colorado with her family. Her graphic design degree and experience led her to advertising up and down the East Coast, from Philadelphia to Miami. Micheline curates unique pieces and designs spectacular outdoor living spaces with a modern edge.