Bring Harvest happiness in to your home with festive fall decorations.  Dress up your home and your porch in either warm fall colors, or just simple shades of white. have fun making your own unique wreaths and centerpieces.
-Add color to a faux wreath by adding fresh fruits or berries
fruit wreath for fall wreath with fruit fruit wreath
-Hot glue pine cone, fabric flowers to a wreath and tie with a scrap piece of fabric. Pretty!
fall decor wreath for fall fall wreath
-Carve a Pumpkin to make it a planter for the table centerpiece.
pumpkin flower centerpiece Pumpkin Centerpiece white pumpkin centerpiece
-Every house needs a little glamour! Be creative and unique, paint the pumpkin and add some rhinestones or some studs!
 painted pumpinks studded pumpkin decorated pumpkins
Don’t forget your patio or porch!

modern patio fall decor painted pumkins fall patio decor


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Micheline lives in Colorado with her family. Her graphic design degree and experience led her to advertising up and down the East Coast, from Philadelphia to Miami. Micheline curates unique pieces and designs spectacular outdoor living spaces with a modern edge.