4 Easy Ways to Extend Your Patio Season with Creative Living

If you’re a Colorado resident, you know that autumn is the epitome of the outdoor season. If you happen to live elsewhere, don’t despair. Just because the days are getting shorter, it doesn’t mean that patio living is finished for the year. You can relish your outdoor space well into fall by doing just a few things.

It can be hard to let go of the warm season with its long days, sunshine that lasts until 9 p.m., and all the fun that comes from hosting others or going to outdoor patio parties. That’s why our professionals at Creative Living have you covered for all your outdoor furniture and patio needs

In this blog, we’re breaking down some quick fixes to extend your patio season so the fun doesn’t have to end. Just because the summer months are coming to a close doesn’t mean you can’t stay outside a little longer and get the most out of your outdoor space.

Colorado is Perfect for Patios

Colorado’s dry air and high altitude climate makes our state perfect for patio lounging. With more than 245 sunny days per year in the Mile High City, it’s difficult to stay inside for much of the year. If you have a beautiful view, you’re even more inclined to stay outdoors.

Whether it’s grilling for dinner, hosting NFL Sunday parties for your friends, or having loved ones over for a shared meal, Colorado is nearly the perfect setting for an extended patio season.

But still, there are ways to extend it so the outdoor fun doesn’t have to end before you’re ready to pack up and move inside. Below we break down a few of the more simple ones. You’ll be surprised by how these small changes can have you hanging onto your patio season until the snow starts to fall.

Cook Outside

The first path we shovel after snowfall is from the backdoor to the grill, but you can do better. A patio oven, a smoker or a full-on kitchen overlooking a mountain view (or even your backyard fence) makes meal preparation a pleasure.

You can even enjoy outdoor dining on a regular basis by using a simple patio table and some lounge chairs. For boosted comfort, go for the seat cushions as well. This can help you mix up your routine, try different recipes, and feel more at one with nature in your own backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

Light the Sky

Regardless of whether you’re beneath them or just looking at them from afar, overhead string lights indicate there’s a party going on around here, and they extend the night-time view, making the transition between light and dark less stark. Smaller, more focused accent lighting creates pockets of warmth, bringing coziness and comfort to a seating or dining area, and they cast an attractive glow on every face.

Outdoor living needs to be comfortable–so what’s more comforting than warm, glowing lights in the dark? But if you want even more comfort, try getting some warmth and light from a more natural source, listed below.

Snuggle Up to a Fire

Nothing says fall like an outdoor fire, either shared with friends or enjoyed in solitude. A gas-powered fire is easiest, especially when it’s controlled with the flip of a switch, but a propane tank or wood fire are just as lovely and are easy to accommodate in most outdoor environments.

Make sure you know the fire laws and ordinances in your area before adding a wood fire pit to your outdoor furniture set. You can have one in your living room, but depending on where you live, such as many parts of Colorado, a wood fire pit might not be allowed outdoors.

Prolong Your Planters

Most folks know that Pansies and Mums are the go-to for seasonal color in the fall. Highly textured plants also work beautifully – think ornamental cool season grasses with tall plumes, flowering Kale and perennials with coarse seed pods whose silhouettes are striking and sturdy, even when they turn brown after a hard frost.

Many types of grass can last through the cool season, adding a natural element to your patio furniture. Other grasses, such as zoysia grass and centipede grass, are more sensitive to the cold and aren’t as ideal. But the fact remains, you can be a plant parent all year long, it doesn’t just need to be in the warm months!

Conclusion — Extending Your Patio Season

Your patio season is one of the very best times of the year. When the weather starts to cool down, don’t fret. Just beef up your outdoor furniture game with a few simple quick fixes. From artificial turf, cool season grasses, or even simple side tables, you’ll find yourself lounging outside later and later into the year.

At Creative Living, it’s our mission to help people expand their thinking about what’s possible with their furniture. Modern outdoor decor can take your living space to the next level, whether you want to host others more often, enjoy a family night in the backyard, or simply change your environment for working at home.

If you want the most from your patio season, give us a call at (720) 222-9509 today to see how we can help you enjoy your home’s outdoor space.

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Micheline lives in Colorado with her family. Her graphic design degree and experience led her to advertising up and down the East Coast, from Philadelphia to Miami. Micheline curates unique pieces and designs spectacular outdoor living spaces with a modern edge.