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Outdoor artwork and patio accessories can be the difference between an outdoor living space that is good versus one that is downright stunning. Outdoor decor and art create a distinctive and finished look that is reflective of your personality and lifestyle. 


Placement is key with outdoor sculpture so consider the space. Will the piece be seen from inside or is it selected primarily for its look while outside? Will it be viewed from up close or from far away? Some pieces are kinetic, meaning they move with the slightest breeze, and some are reflective of light and water. Outdoor lighting will enhance your outdoor art piece at night. 

A blank fence or house / garage wall is the perfect canvas on which to place a piece of outdoor wall art. A single object - or a minimal collection of similar objects – will create a focal point, which is especially key when opposite a door or window. The Climbing Man sculpture and Hanging Orb planters can work singly, or together, depending on the size and configuration of the space.

wall divers wall play wall climers

 An outdoor wall art panel such as the one below - fabricated of steel in a custom-designed floral pattern - is ideal if you need to create a privacy screen or a piece of artwork to obscure an undesirable view.

outdoor wall art steel art work outdoor wall art

Also consider adding some outdoor accessories, any type of garden décor that would add beauty and personality. A light touch is necessary so choose and display them carefully. Garden spheres are terrific, on a patio or in the landscape, surrounded by plants. Concrete, glazed in multiple colors or hollow, with a string of lights inside, spheres can add a modern feel to any outdoor areas.

concrete spheres Related image concrete garden balls

 Lanterns are another great way to bring color and ambiance to the patio. Either on a table top or on the floor, they look good during broad daylight, and at night, their silhouette brings warmth and sparkle.

Image result for modern outdoor lanterns Image result for modern outdoor lanterns 

Have fun decorating your outdoor living space and feel free to stop by our store for some more inspirational design ideas!