Trex Outdoor Kitchens

Stainless steel cabinetry from Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ is specifically designed and engineered for outdoor kitchens, transition rooms, rooftops, and other outdoor spaces where durability is vital.

Unique Trex Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Design flexibility is one of the most critical aspects of outdoor kitchen design. Trex has lots of cabinet door styles in dozens of colors for your outdoor kitchen. We give you the tools to create the unique outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamt of.

Creative Layouts that Simplify Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

You shouldn’t have to feel constrained with your outdoor kitchen design. Trex gives you the opportunity to add appliances, bars, outdoor furniture, and other accessories to your kitchen.

Durability that Doesn’t Disappoint

Trex’s outdoor kitchens feature

tainless steel cabinets built for any destructive weather events. Even the harshest of weather can’t compromise the stability of your Trex outdoor kitchen. With a powder coat finish, minimal maintenance is required for your kitchen.

Guaranteed Functionality

Trex ensures a seamless connectivity for your outdoor kitchen. With luxurious design combined with a creative approach to kitchen design, your outdoor kitchen will have all of the essentials, including outdoor furniture, and other accessories.

Licensed Professionals for Your Build

Trex outdoor kitchens are only sold through approved trade professionals. At Kitchen Distributors, our design team can help craft the perfect layout and color scheme for your Trex outdoor kitchen. Low-maintenance powder coat finishes can tie your outdoor kitchen design and entertainment space together.

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