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Artisan Outdoor Kitchens by Creative Living is the premier source for stainless steel powder coated outdoor kitchens. We focus on a wide range of outdoor appliances by leading firms like Alfresco as well countertops by Dekton.

Powder-Coated Cabinets

Every kitchen needs cabinets, including your outdoor kitchen. However, instead of using wood cabinets that won’t last very long when exposed to the different types of weather we see every day in Colorado, Creative Living offers cabinets for your outdoor kitchen that are made with stainless steel and feature a beautiful powder coating. A powder coating is a high-quality, durable finish that can withstand the elements. Not only will this type of coating keep your cabinets looking fresh and new, but the coating also comes in a variety of different colors, making it easy for you to find the right coating to fit your aesthetic.

At Creative Living, we offer a variety of options for designing the cabinets and layout of your outdoor living space. We pride ourselves in offering top-quality brands, including Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens and Trex Outdoor Kitchens. Explore our selection and give us a call when you’re ready to get started on your new project.

Pizza Ovens

What’s better than homemade pizza? Pizza made in your new outdoor kitchen of course! When given the choice between homemade pizza and pizza you buy from the store, most people will choose the homemade version. That being said, you can take your love for pizza to a whole new level with an outdoor pizza oven from Creative Living! Wood-fired pizza delivers a delicious smoky flavor that you just can’t resist, and with an outdoor pizza oven, you can get that amazing flavor in your pizza every single time. Depending on how you design your outdoor kitchen, we offer two different options for your pizza oven — the countertop model or the freestanding model. The countertop model allows you to save space on the floor without losing the aesthetic appeal of the pizza oven, whereas the freestanding model gives you the full effect of the oven. Stop by the Creative Living showroom in Denver to learn more about your options and find the right pizza oven for you!

Outdoor Appliances

In addition to the unique features of the pizza oven, Creative Living is proud to offer a variety of outdoor appliances that can help make your outdoor kitchen even more functional. We offer an array of outdoor grills that we can install them right in your outdoor counters for a seamless design. If you want to make your outdoor kitchen more like the one you have inside, you also have the option of installing a side burner, a flattop grill, an outdoor kitchen sink, a warming drawer, and so much more! At Creative Living, we believe the sky's the limit! We are here to help you create an amazing outdoor kitchen.