Bromic Heater – Freestanding

Bromic Heating leads the market in supplying your outdoor patio with radiant heaters that demonstrate outstanding performance and unbeatable quality. Unlike the elements on dome or mushroom style portable patio heaters, the 38,500 BTU infrared directional standing Tungsten heating element does not suffer from vertical heat loss. Most heaters heat the air around them. As that hot air rises, the heater ends up heating the air above them instead of the people and space around them. The radiant heater element heats directionally to warm 200 square feet, up to twice the area of other portable dome, mushroom or tower style propane heaters. The heat radiates evenly so the warmth is directed toward people and deep into open areas. Its wind resistance technology lets this heater work in winds with gusts of up to 11mph while remaining lit. If the flame is blown out, the built-in regulator automatically disables the supply of gas.



  • Directional Heat.
    • Warmth where you want it with an innovative adjustable tilting head.
  • Wide Heat Coverage.
    • Provides coverage of up to 215sqft, covering twice the area of standard mushroom heaters.
  • High Wind Resistance.
    • Contoured design for superior wind resistance of up to 8mph.
  • Ceramic Burners.
    • Delivery of optimal heat with minimal heat loss is assured via high-intensity ceramic burners.
  • Efficient Heat Output.
    • 8 hours of operating time on a single tank of propane!
  • Modular Design.
    • Easy assembly, dismantling and storage thanks to a functional and pragmatic design.
  • Easy Maneuverability.
    • Easy mobility even in tighter spaces with an anti-tilt structural design and built-in wheels.

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