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Product Image Bento Cor-ten Steel Fire Pit


BENTO Cor-ten steel fire pit is the perfect center piece to a modern entertaining space. It's a modern campfire, combining beauty of open flame with the rich patina of rusted metal. Available in two sizes, 32x32x12.75″ and 42x42x12.75″. 

BENTO outdoor fire pit, is manufactured from heavy-gauge, 3/16″ thick steel which can last a lifetime. 

BENTO Cor-ten comes complete with natural gas burner approved to CSA and ANSI standards for the U.S. and Canada. It also offers your choice of two burner styles: a manually-lit version with standing pilot and safety thermocouple 69,000 BTu/hr, or with electronic ignition that may be controlled with a wall switch or wireless remote at 80,000 BTu/hr. 

This modern fire pit comes complete with your choice of free lava rock or river rock topping, and a commercial-grade all-season cover.

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