What is better than a beautiful winter afternoon outdoors? A beautiful winter afternoon outdoors with a cocktail: fresh air, cold nose, warm heart!

No need for a roaring fire if you have an ‘Autumn in New England’ in hand, courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen. Pull out the shaker, add muddled sage leaves and syrup followed by bourbon, apple cider and a dash of vinegar. Double strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass filled halfway with ice and add a sprig of sage. Warm yet?

 Autumn Cocktail

Between December and May, it’s Blood Orange season. This recipe for a Blood Orange Tequila Sunrise from Girl in the Little Red Kitchen blends 1-1/2 cups Blood Orange juice, 1 cup ice, 4 oz. Blanco Tequila, ½ cup fresh orange juice and sliced Blood Orange as garnish to create a winter version of the summer standard. The colors look like a spectacular, blood red sunset.  

Blood Orange Cocktail

While the kids relish hot cocoa, the adults can benefit from both the caffeine and the alcohol in this Hot White Russian. Start with a steaming cup of coffee, throw in a shot of Kahlua, a half shot of vodka and finish with warm cream on top (recipe courtesy of The Spicy Apron). You’ll be invigorated and relaxed, all at the same time.

                                           Hot Chocolate Kid in Loll Lollygagger Adirondack             White Russian Cocktail

If alcohol isn’t in the cards, you’ll still be plenty buzzed with this Winter Wings Mocktail by Red Bull. Shake 1 oz. fresh lime juice, ½ oz. and organic wild honey. Pour over ice and top with Red Bull Winter Edition Plum Twist and a basil leaf garnish. We’ll drink to that.

 Red Bull Mocktail






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