It’s that time of year: Mother Nature is urging you to spend your leisure hours outside and the only thing between you and total patio relaxation is a good spring clean. Hopefully you’ve covered your outdoor furniture and stored your cushions indoors. Those efforts will extend the life of your furniture and make their seasonal debut a snap. If not, refer to our following checklist to get your outdoor space spring ready.

Cushions: Sunbrella fabric cushions are made to resist moisture, mildew and fading with only occasional cleaning necessary to keep them in top condition. Brush off loose dirt then spot clean with a mild soap and water mixture. If cushions are heavily soiled, either hose them off or apply a diluted soap and water mix with a clean rag then follow up with a squeegee tool across the surface of the cushions. Allow the cushions to dry completely and you’re ready to go.

leeward sofa by telescope casual

Metal Furniture Frames: Powder coated aluminum, steel and iron are all low maintenance materials and can last for decades. Use a mild soap (such as dish detergent) and water to wipe down, then follow up with a dry rag. 

copacabana by ratana

Woven: Most woven and rattan furniture is comprised of polypropylene or other composite materials constructed to look like wicker but wear like plastic. Vacuum the surface and crevices of the furniture to remove loose dust, hair and debris, then follow up with the mild soap and water and dry thoroughly.

lounge chair

Plastics and Resins: Set ‘em up, hose ‘em off, wipe ‘em down (we like microfiber cloths and buy them by the dozens). It doesn’t get simpler than that!

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