fountain cover

Creative Living is a proud supplier of outdoor fountains that are constructed of a high density cast stone mix that is strong and durable. However, proper maintenance is recommended so your fountain is better able to withstand winter conditions and freeze-thaw cycles.
– The most important step in winterization is draining the fountain. Prior to freezing temperatures, empty all water either by directing the pump to the exterior of the fountain or by baling the water out with a scoop, and absorbing the remainder of the water with a large sponge.
– Drain the pipes and other fountain components such as finials so that rain and melted snow can drain and not accumulate in the basin(s) of the fountain. Remove debris from around the pump including leaves, dirt and algae and dry completely and warp the pump in a towel.
– If possible, raise the base of the fountain slightly so it does not freeze and stick to the ground.
– Wrap the fountain in an appropriately sized weather proof cover. Made of breathable Tyvek, the cover lets trapped moisture escape, but rain and dust can’t get in. The locking drawstring will pull the cover securely around the bottom of the fountain. Use of an authentic Campania cover (versus a tarp) ensures your one-year product warranty.
– Check the fountain periodically to confirm that the cover is secure and water is not accumulating in any fountain basin or component.

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