Modern Patio Furniture – Outdoor Seating Pebbles

This unique Outdoor Seating Pebble from Creative Living is both modern patio furniture and art. You can use this pebble as extra seating when you have guests, or you can use it to accentuate your unique sense of decor. Each Outdoor Seating Pebble has a glossy, smooth finish that is waterproof and UV-protected, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Explore our collection of modern patio furniture to find even more great pieces today!


  • Small Table Pebble 21″L by 19″W by 14″H
  • Small Seating Pebble 30″L by 28″W by 17″H
  • Medium Seating Pebble 39.5″L by 31″W by 16″H
  • Large Table Pebble 40″L by 29″W by 14″H
  • Please call for availability

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contemporary outdoor furniture


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contemporary outdoor furniture


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